Danielle Glenn

We welcome Danielle Glenn to the Arctic Nutrition team!

Danielle Glenn is newly appointed as Arctic Nutrition’s CFO, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board. With 20+ years of experience in the international financial industry combined with her strong commercial and strategic mindset, she is a perfect fit for the role. Danielle is not afraid to think big, which is perfectly aligned with Arctic Nutrition’s great ambitions. 

Ended up on Wall Street by coincidence

Danielle grew up on Long Island outside New York City as the oldest of 5 children. She excelled athletically and academically, and not surprisingly, she ended up amongst some of the brightest minds at Harvard University pursuing a degree in History and Science.  

She had her mind set on becoming a medical doctor or specialist in biomedical ethics but ended up pursuing a career in finance after suggestions from friends and teachers. This field proved to be a great fit for Danielle, and her competitive spirit made her a great trader: 

I do wonder how I ended up working in the financial markets. I never took a single economics or finance class at school and if I’m honest, didn’t even know what investment banks or hedge funds were. But many of the things I enjoy are applicable in trading – things like the psychology of markets and gamesmanship.  

Moving across the pond

After deciding she did not want to become a doctor, Danielle took a year off – first working for a semester at Salomon Smith Barney in New York and then spending a semester doing an internship with a boutique technology investment bank in London before travelling around Europe. This experience was Danielle’s first time leaving the US, but she loved it and always intended to come back to London. 

I started at Goldman Sachs in New York but within a year, had been transferred to London. I had been in foreign exchange sales but after a somewhat random encounter with the partner who ran the Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities proprietary trading group, I ended up on that team. It was a pretty elite group – eight of us in London and five in New York taking huge amounts of risk trading Goldman’s balance sheet. It was unbelievably exciting and challenging - and in retrospect, it was the opportunity of a lifetime.  

The first day in her new role is a day she will never forget.  

I had my first day actually trading on September 11th, 2001. Even before the news of the World Trade Center terror attack had reached the monitors dotted around the trading floor, we saw that prices of traditional safe havens like gold and the Swiss franc were fluctuating like crazy. Sitting at my desk in London knowing that I had a lot of friends in those building and not being able to get in touch with my family in New York is a day I will never forget.  

Adrenaline driven

Working in two of the world’s major financial centers means Danielle is accustomed to having a demanding job. The nature of global macro trading is adrenaline-driven, and so is Danielle. 

Working with global macro means you are basically on 24/7 depending on what positions you have around the world. If you have a position in the Nikkei or the Thai baht and something happens in the middle of the night, you’re up and in front of your screens. The weekends are kind of when you catch up with people and all the research you need to do. No sleep was not uncommon. It turns out to have been great training for having babies in the future! 

In January 2005 she started a new position with Caxton, one of the largest and most renowned global macro hedge funds, before starting her own investment firm Bywater Capital in 2006. 

I have always worked in very male-dominated professions. I was one of very few female hedge fund managers. It’s interesting – a few studies have shown that women tend to perform better under stressful conditions, and I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more females in this space. 

When the financial crisis hit in 2008 and 2009, Danielle had the two best years performance-wise of her career in two of the most difficult and volatile years in investing history.  

After having her second child in 2013, Danielle realized that a choice needed to be made between being able to be with her children and being able to manage a portfolio with 100% focus. She closed down Bywater Capital, but not one to sit idly by, soon launched two startups. It turns out that working with startups and scaleups also suited Danielle well and she has worked with startups and scaleups in the USA, UK and Norway since then. Danielle moved to Norway in 2016 and has worked as the CEO of Sensee, a Microsoft-backed sensor data analytics platform as well as in a variety of CSO and CFO roles with companies spanning the IoT, AI, healthtech and fintech industries. 

Bringing in the right experience to Arctic Nutrition

I’ve always been very interested in health, wellness and sports. It feels great working for a company where I have a strong personal interest. I have learned so much about the unique properties of Romega and its many benefits.

With Arctic Nutrition transitioning to its next ambitious growth phase, Danielle’s global perspective and experience will be a great resource to the team in all business aspects. 

Arctic Nutrition is at an interesting inflection point with both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical business. With nutraceuticals, I believe we need to replicate the success we have had in Norway with B2C and expand it to new regions. In addition, I think there is great scope to expand on our B2B finished goods and concept sales strategies. The pharma story kind of speaks for itself – there is clearly great potential for the product with huge market demand for an oral product for mild to moderate psoriasis. I have friends and family who have dealt with these issues for years and I know how much it would mean to them to be able to have a long-term, efficacious treatment option. I am really excited to see us move into the phase IIb trial period.

As CFO, Danielle believes it will be important to demonstrate the synergistic power of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and R&D under one umbrella company. In addition, Danielle believes it is more important to grow efficiently and intelligently rather than pursue a “growth at all cost” strategy:

To grow at the pace we expect obviously means that we need to make a serious investment in people, sales and marketing, R&D and operational infrastructure. But it is also important that we have the right KPIs in place, make the right investment decisions and that we keep everyone super motivated about our mission and vision. It’s my job to help set not just the financial plans for Arctic Nutrition, but also to chart the strategic course.

CEO of Arctic Nutrition, Ole Arne Eiksund, is glad to have Danielle as a part of the team.

With Danielle’s background, I am confident she is the right CFO for Arctic Nutrition going forward. A strategically and commercially oriented CFO will be important for us as we are taking Arctic Nutrition into the next chapter with our nutraceutical growth ambitions alongside the pharmaceutical development.

Thriving in the Oslo Science Park

Danielle loves the city and everything Oslo has to offer. She is already familiar with Arctic Nutrition’s Oslo office as she has been an Executive-in-Residence at Startup Lab for the past year and both are based in Oslo Science Park.

The Oslo Science Park community is by far the most dynamic place I’ve seen in Norway. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong with innovative and cutting-edge R&D being carried out.

EEven though she prefers the city lifestyle she has also enjoyed her trips to the Norwegian West coast visiting the head office in Hovdebygda.

I recently visited Sunnmøre for the first time. It was stunningly beautiful and reminded me of the Rockies and the Alps, where I have done a lot of skiing.

Whether it is in Oslo, Hovdebygda, or in online meetings we are so happy to have Danielle onboard. We wish you a warm welcome to the team!