Arctic Bioscience - Norwegian membrane lipid extracts

Who we are

We are a Norwegian biotechnology company developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients based on natural and cultured marine membrane lipids.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide people with autoimmune disorders an effective and healthy therapy based on novel marine membrane lipids.

Where we work

We are based on the Northwest coast of Norway, with close access to sustainable fisheries and clean sea water.

Innovative Products

Arctic Bioscience is a Norwegian biotechnology company developing products the world has never seen before. The company was founded based on unique know-how of bioactive herring roe compounds. Located in Ørsta on the west coast of Norway, the team has developed marine extracts for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications for over 30 years.


Products, Brands & Bulk

The brand name Romega is given to our exclusive Arctic Herring Caviar products. Our portfolio consists of high DHA marine Omega-3 phospholipid extracts and proteins derived from herring roe.


Research & Development

Science is the foundation of our business. Arctic Bioscience has long experience in product development and is dedicated to conducting research and providing scientific evidence to document our products.


Materials & Methods

We develop products, solutions and technologies based on bioactive marine membrane lipids. One of our key sources is found in Norwegian herring roe. The roe is sourced from Norwegian spring-spawning herring harvested by local MSC-certified fisheries.

Solid ESG Footprint

Our company is built upon a sustainable foundation substantiating everything we do. The Arctic Bioscience team has developed technology that allows us to utilize the unique chemical composition of herring roe.