Investment Highlights

  1. Significant unmet medical need in mild-to-moderate psoriasis
    • Large target market with 21m patients across EU and the US in 2019
    • Few and unsatisfactory treatment options and a patient population with a high degree of disease-involvement
  2. Strong scientific rationale and promising clinical effect in mild-to-moderate psoriasis
    • Efficacy signals demonstrated in a completed randomized controlled clinical trial, showing sustained and increased effects over time
    • Unencumbered asset with worldwide rights retained
  3. Cash generative and growing nutraceutical business
    • Strong foundation secured through self-sustaining nutraceutical business that supports pharmaceutical development
    • Revenue of NOK 21.5m for 2021, with strong growth expected through launch in new markets
  4. Proprietary technology platform with control over value chain
    • Experienced R&D-team and full control of the value chain
    • Protected by a comprehensive portfolio of patents, technological know-how, and confirmed freedom to operate
  5. Robust ESG footprint
    • Sustainable end-product based on immature roe, a by-product of herring capture
    • Strategically situated to ensure sustainable access to immature roe
  6. Experienced Management Team
    • Executive team with an average of 20 years of relevant industry experience

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Investor Relations Policy

Arctic Bioscience aims to support well-informed decisions on capital allocation by maintaining the highest level of transparency and communication regarding risks, opportunities and project outlooks. Further, we aim to build trust and awareness in the investor community by ensuring that investor relation activities are conducted in compliance with relevant rules, regulations and recommended practices.

Investor contact

Jone Slinning

Mobile: +47 948 75 469