New chairman of the NCE Blue Legasea board of directors


There is a lot of activity happening with the Arctic Bioscience team. It is a pleasure to announce that our founder, Hogne Hallaråker, recently was elected as head of the board for the NCE Blue Legasea cluster.

What is Blue Legasea?

The industry cluster NCE (Norwegian Centres of Expertise) Blue Legasea works with innovation and value creation in the utilization of marine raw materials. The cluster brings together experience, knowledge, and resources form all parts of the marine value chain, and across sectors. The competence acquired is used to develop projects to drive the marine industry going forward. Blue Legasea is recognized as a driving force within the value creation of marine resources.

In today’s world, the globe is exposed to several environmental threats, and there is a greater need for the creation of innovative solutions to better exploit the resources available. This includes the marine resources – an area NCE Blue Legasea prioritizes. Future-oriented innovation and value creation in the marine industry are necessary. For Blue Legasea, this means lifting one of Norway’s most important export industries and at the same time promoting Norway as a leading nation within sustainable value creation based on 100% utilization of marine raw material. This way of thinking is in line with several of the UN’s sustainable development goals. Blue Legasea will lead this work as a future-oriented cluster impacting the development.

Hogne as head of the board

Utilizing marine raw materials is close to Hogne’s heart. When Arctic Bioscience developed the supplement, Romega, it was by using herring which is considered a residual raw material. The creation of Romega is an excellent example where science and innovative technology have resulted in a premium marine product.

“The power to innovate and drive to create value within our members is exceptional, and it is our task to bring this to new growth and new products or solutions. I look forward to leading this work with the cluster together with the highly competent and enthusiastic management.”

Hogne Hallaråker, founder and CSO of Arctic Bioscience.

Head of the NCE Blue Legasea cluster, Wenche Uksnøy, is convinced that Hogne will be an important resource as head of board.

“We are very pleased to have such an experienced resource from the industry as our new head of board! Hogne knows the marine and bio marine industry from A-Z and has been an active partner within the cluster and project. This is a very strong foundation for being able to raise the cluster work to another level.”

Wenche Uksnøy, Head of NCE Blue Legasea cluster

It is a huge potential for marine value creation, in combination with the enthusiastic Blue Legasea administration, Hogne will contribute to further develop innovative products and solutions for the marine future.

We are excited to follow Hogne and NCE Blue Legasea in future projects.