Signed strategic partnership agreement with KOTLER, a leading marketing company in China


Arctic Bioscience AS has established a strategic partnership with the Chinese marketing company Kotler Marketing.

President Dr. Hongliang Ci visited the company’s head office in Hovdebygda, Norway today. CEO of Arctic Bioscience, Ole Arne Eiksund, and Dr. Ci in Kotler Marketing officially signed the agreement between the two companies. This agreement emphasizes Arctic Bioscience’s commitment to the Chinese market. Kotler Marketing has worked with global brands such as McDonalds and Nike, and this agreement offers great opportunities for Arctic Bioscience to gain entry into the Chinese market.

Arctic Bioscience has developed a unique dietary supplement, Romega, which is based on an extract from herring roe. Herring roe contains all nutrients required to create new life, and essential substances that our body needs from our diet that we are not able to produce ourselves. In the Norwegian market, Romega has become a popular dietary supplement and is available in most health food stores.

In collaboration with Kotler, Arctic Bioscience has developed a supplement for pregnant women who aims to ensure optimal development of the brain and vision of the fetus, namely “Arctic Herring Caviar Oil”.

Kotler Marketing is launching Arctic Herring Caviar Oil in China this fall.

“We always search for the best products globally. The Chinese market is growing and needs innovative solutions. Arctic Bioscience has the ability to deliver products based on herring roe which we see is a unique raw material.”

Dr. Hongliang Ci, President of Kotler Marketing Group China.

“This strategic partnership is the best we could wish for and provides great opportunities in the world’s largest market in the years to come.

Ole Arne Eiksund, CEO of Arctic Bioscience AS
The supplement developed for pregnant women launching in China this fall.
Mr. Ole Arne Eiksund and Dr. Hongliang Ci outside the head office in Hovdebygda, Ørsta.