Arctic Bioscience – Presentation at ABG Sundal Collier Life Science Summit


Arctic Bioscience, a biotech company developing and commercializing nutraceutical and developing pharmaceutical products based on the unique properties of bioactive marine compounds, today participated at the ABG Sundal Collier's Life Science Summit, presenting the company’s goals, strategy and priorities.

Presentation material is attached.  A live recording of the presentation is available here and on

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Danielle Glenn
CFO of Arctic Bioscience AS

Mobile: +47 909 98 201

About Arctic Bioscience

Arctic Bioscience is a biotech company developing and commercializing nutraceutical products based on herring roe oil. Herring roe oil contains lipids that are essential to maintain cell membranes, contributing to normal functioning of brain, heart, and vision. Nutraceuticals from Arctic Bioscience are sold globally as bulk ingredients to other companies making dietary supplements, and as finished goods under the Romega brand. The strategy is to switch sales from bulk to finished goods and focus markets are USA and China.

The company is developing HRO350 – a novel investigational drug candidate with herring roe as raw material. HRO350 is being developed for treatment of mild-to-moderate psoriasis. This is a large patient group in need of new effective medicines with beneficial safety profile. Arctic Bioscience is led by a team of highly competent people with experience in developing marine oils and experience from global pharmaceutical companies.

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