Utilizing A Residual Raw Material

In the filleting of herring today, the roe is considered a residual raw material that should be utilized. It is only modest amounts of roe that are used for human consumption today. Herring roe is a unique resource and the nutrients are of great nutritional value. We are proud to be utilizing this fantastic raw material being the main component of our products. 

Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring

Norwegian spring-spawning herring has been a cornerstone of the Norwegian and European diet for several thousand years. Overfishing led to quota-controlled catches from the mid-1960s. By 1970, virtually the entire spawning population had disappeared. The collapse was due to a combination of overfishing and natural population fluctuations.

Improved knowledge, enhanced fisheries management and enforcement of stricter regulations have made it possible for the herring population to return. Today the population of herring is strictly monitored to ensure a healthy and sustainable population. The Norwegian Spring Spawning-Herring fisheries are certified by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), an international non-profit organization established to ensure sustainable fishing.